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Cross Country Tandem Flight

The Cross Country tandem flight is in essence a Scenic Flight. The difference is the airtime and altitude you will experience in flight. A Cross Country Flight will provide you with over an hour of free flight to enjoy. While in the air you can take photographs with your personal camera. From the altitude your pilot will gain with the glider you will be able to see that dream place you have craved visiting for so long.
The Cross Country Flight has no age or fitness restrictions.This is a perfect way to rediscover flying or even experience free flight for the first time. All you need is hiking boots and warm clothes.

Depending on the weather (meteorological conditions) and the passengers' preferences, flights can take place in various parts of Bulgaria. Our main flying destination is Sopot. The alternative take off sites are located in or near: Sofia and Sopot

Price: 180 BGN
Please, call us a few days in advance to reserve your flight.

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